Crash Sliders for Motards, Sportsbikes and Scooters

Protect your bike with Big Knobs

Custom made and Innovative

Motorcycle Crash Protection Gear


Handcrafted from rock hard Delrin, Big Knobs Crash Sliders wont grip or tear off like cheap sliders - they'll last and so will your motorcycle

You'll get tired of crashing before you wear these out !!!

Custom Made Crash Knobs and Frame Sliders

Can't find what you need? - I can make it for you !!!

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Coloured Axle slider kits

including the special "Pink Pack" (special price and free t-shirt)


PIVOT PEGZ footpeg Sliders for Mk 1,2 & 3

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BUCKET RACERS - Race kit now available

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Motard kit contains -Front axle sliders, Rear axle sliders, Footpeg sliders.
The Pickup knob sliders work as race stand pickup bobins AND can save your swingarm from damage.
Bar End Sliders fit to the end of your handle bars. Their mountings are twice the length of usual bar ends - so they wont tear out when you crash.
Axle sliders sliders are available as kits to fit almost every type of bikes. More Info

NOT imported from CHINA !!!


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Protect your bike with Big Knobs